Commands available in Emulsify Drupal


Develop: yarn develop or npm run develop

This combines 3 tasks, which can be run separately as needed:

  1. yarn webpack (Sass/CSS compiling/minifying/linting, SVG Spriting)

  2. yarn babel (ES6 transpiling, minification)

  3. yarn storybook (Storybook dev watch task)

Deploy Storybook

yarn deploy-storybook

‚ÄčHere is a demo of the default Storybook Github deployment

Linting JavaScript

yarn lint

Testing Accessibility

yarn a11y: Will test the components specified in your a11y config file (default). Note: this will also be run on commit via husky


yarn build or npm run build

This combines 2 tasks and is intended for Drupal builds (e.g., in a CI environment):

  1. yarn build-webpack (same as yarn webpack but without watch task and using production webpack file)

  2. yarn build-babel (same as yarn babel but without watch task)