Documenting Pages

Create documentation in the form of pages.

Documenting Pages

Writing MDX/Markdown is supported out of the box. By default, if you create a styleguide directory in the root of your starter and start adding directories and pages (you have to at least create and, they will automatically populate to the style guide. You can also set this path to something different in the docPagesPath field of your local gatsby-config.js file. Note that a directory named Components behaves differently in that any subpages added won't be indexed. This is because your project component documentation can live anywhere you like including a separate repo/package. So, you will likely want to create that directory, but just leave it empty in your /styleguide directory.

Images and Files

You can link to images and files as well. See below for syntax:
Image Markdown:
File Markdown:
[Download the SVG here](logo.svg)[Download the PDF here](blank.pdf)

Linking Style Guides Together or linking to other systems

There is a designSystems configuration in gatsby-config.js that allows for links to other systems. This will open up in an offscreen menu by default. See below for an example:
designSystems: [
name: "Style Guide 1",
link: ""
name: "Style Guide 2",
link: ""