Emulsify Design System

Emulsify is an open-source tool for creating design systems with reusable components and clear guidelines for teams. Emulsify helps organizations scale their design while reducing cost, streamlining workflows, and improving accessibility.

Storybook + Drupal

Emulsify is a full prototyping development environment using Storybook as a component library and Webpack as a build engine. It is also a Drupal 8 theme. It can be used as a standalone prototyping tool or inside a Drupal installation. It supports both Twig and React components out of the box! Because it's using Storybook, any number of languages an be supported with the correct configuration.

Style guide

Emulsify Design System contains a fully customizable style guide powered by GatsbyJS. The style guide is a Gatsby theme, and instructions for installation and usage can be found here.